July 27, 2017



  • Enable customers to virtually design and furnish their homes
  • Choose preset scenes or load your own background scene/photo as the base scene for modifications
  • Preselect areas in Kitchens, Baths, Office, Living, Family rooms
  • Specific sections (Cabinets, Countertops, Bathtubs etc) that can be modified
  • Accessory additions (such as knobs, handles) possible from a selection
  • Setup your selection of patterns/colors/accessories
  • Save designs in a library (organization/user specific) and set privacy levels
  • Library of publicly available designs for reference
  • Add items from a product catalog into a scene
  • APIs to connect to your own product catalog (native or from ReMAP Catalog)
  • Edit items placed in a scene for proportionality
  • Auto detect contours of common areas for user assisted changes
  • Use cases for Sales rep driven or optional end-consumer experience

Who All Can Use ReMAP Designer

Real Estate Agents

ReMAP Designer lets you stage a vacant property. If there are pieces of furniture in the picture you submit, we can remove that from your photos. After a home is staged, you can share images of each room on the website. A URL specific to that property can be provided to you to share with your prospective buyers view the photos of the house. It also allows them with your help or on their own, to rearrange and change the furniture to their liking, and imagine the property as their own.

Designers/Decorators/Creative Photographers

ReMAP Designer is a great tool for Designers, Decorators and Real Estate Photographers. You can load your pictures and in a matter of hours get back a URL with your own ‘scene’ that is customizable with our engine. This is a virtual staging experience for your customers.

Furniture Boutique Brands

ReMAP Designer lets you add your brand and products available to our assortment of items to let these products be picked from a selection by prospective homebuyers.